Thursday, 22 September 2016

Can I tempt you, new reader?

Well every so often the mighty Amazon offers readers the chance to sample new books at just 99p or 99c for the download! Oh so cheap, cheap, cheap....but it does mean that perhaps readers who may not have seen our particular books before or even considered the genre of occult horror...will give it a try! So here's the deal: for the next 5 days my occult horror novels, Father of Lies and Tanners Dell, will be available on amazon for the above price. If you like them...the third in the series.. due out in about 6 weeks time for Halloween...I'm working flat out on that one! So it's an ideal time to try a new author in a new genre, yes? Come brave...cackles....

  A little bit more news now - I recently signed with to have all three novels available on audio as an MP3 download or on CD. The release date for the first two books is November 8th. These will be available via the tantor site and amazon and many more outlets, and frankly I cannot wait to hear the wonderful actress, Henrietta Miere, take on the voice of the devil, Yorkshire coppers and a highly disturbed girl with multiple personalities! Wow what a challenge... so exciting! Needless to say, I will post when the third book is out (kindle will be first, followed by paperbacks) and then the audios...

With regard to the paperbacks - the first two books are available to order in any bookstore. Very few bookstores these days, especially the large ones like Waterstones, will display books other than those provided by huge publishers or established and classic authors. But they are definitely available to order... I am part of a group called Authors Reach and we have facilitated the distribution in the exact same way as the big boys, so yes they can get it for you that way if you want it. Always available on amazon though - just a slightly larger book!

Little snippet more...I have a serial running in My Weekly - part 1 and part 2 will be in next week's issue at the same time  - it's called 'Under Illusions' and is a mystery thriller set entirely around a hospital will be out on Wednesday 28th September...

Well - if you are a new reader here's what the reviews - 300 so far - are saying about this keep the lights on and see what you think!?!

'The most disturbing book I've read in a long time...'
'It's 4am and I'm straight onto the next one...good job I'm retired...'
'A delightfully dark cocktail of everything I want in a good horror novel..'
'A corker of a follow up....'
'Dear Sarah, please hurry up with the next book I am totally ensnared...'
'Actually delivers the frightening goods...'
'I had to sleep downstairs with the lights on after reading this...'


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Competition Nomination in Horror plus other news!

I am very happy to say that 'Father of Lies' has been reader-nominated in the horror category of the Independent Summer Book is the link! If you would be kind enough to vote that would be wonderful... only if you liked the book, of course!  And this link will take you to the line-up for all the books not just mine -   
There are just 10 days of voting and it starts today on 1st September so if you have a second to click on the link and vote that would be very much appreciated and thank you!
Meanwhile, FOL gets a little badge:

And the second bit of news I have is that soon all three books in the trilogy will have an audio option - that is a physical CD or a download to MP3. This is with and the first two will be out within a couple of months - once this option is available I'll post news on it; but I am soooo looking forward to hearing the narrator tackle everything from the devil to a Yorkshire copper... :)

Meanwhile - back to working on 'Magda'....yes I am up against it to get this to you for Halloween.....
Kindest wishes and as always thank you so very much to everyone who has positively reviewed Father of Lies and Tanners Dell. I truly appreciate it, thank you.     


Saturday, 27 August 2016


It's almost here... the third and final book in my occult horror trilogy and it's called... 'Magda'...
If you have read 'Father of Lies' and 'Tanners Dell' you will know that when Ruby Dean was admitted to a secure psychiatric unit high on the moors of northern England, her madness hid decades of demonic activity in the small mining village from where she came. The staff who tried to help her unlocked a dark force over which they had no control and little understanding, much to their shock and horror.

This final instalment will take you down and down and down... to where no sane person would ever wish to my question is, are you ready?

Out on 31st October - Samhain -  in a couple of months time ....Are you ready to meet Magda?


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Definition of Horror?

There is a wide spectrum within the literary genre of horror when you think about it - monsters, vampires, zombies, apocalyptic situations, psychopathic killers, massacres, the occult etc... and probably most of them will be pretty much filled with graphic detail. However, in amongst those but still firmly in the genre are books like 'The Loney' (Costa winner) and of course, my own.  Here's the thing - I am currently reading, 'The Loney' and I have to be honest and say it is not scary. I'm so not frightened I could read this at night on my own and I am one big scaredy cat with a colossally vivid imagination! It is, however, beautiful prose. So I kind of like it. It's slow and I can't say there is a build up of tension, but it's atmospheric and it's good literary work. Boy oh boy though, has it had some awful reviews.

Why? Well looking at it objectively with a very interested eye I'd say most people - not all but most - are reading the wrong book. If you think this is horror and you expect horror to scare you witless you will most definitely be disappointed; and many disappointed reviewers don't hesitate to stick a 1* review on a book. They wanted horror and they wanted to be scared. What they read didn't scare them. That's it.

'Father of Lies' was intended to be told for a reason, and that reason was to highlight that whether or not you believe in evil as an external entity, the fact that quite a few people do, is worry enough because innocent people, most particularly children, are still getting hurt in the name of it. I've done a huge amount of research and spoken to people who have suffered unimaginably; and that to me is more horrifying than all the blood and gore you can throw at me. In addition, the entire trilogy, with Ruby as the protagonist, is told via her fragmented memory and the medical people who have tried to help her - thus the chapters are divided into those different perspectives.

Well some people like that and some don't. And, of course, what scares us is highly personal... However, I'm just a writer so I'm not saying this is a higher moral mission, I'm just saying that I tell this story the way I tell it because it runs parallel with a huge amount of horrible suffering that still goes on today, and I tell it with only hints of the real atrocities carried out to show what these poor kids have had to go through rather than for gratuitous entertainment. There are books out there that will satisfy those seeking that kind of thrill but I don't think they will like mine.

In summary - Book 3 will give resolution and will delve into things most people will never have imagined existed, but as one reviewer expected a happy ending - in horror there won't be one, although there may be triumph! But if evil exists it exists - all I can do is fire your maybe we'll all know to look out for it...

 ps - Book 3 - if you'd like to know when it's due and have up to date information - please sign up to my very infrequent newsletter and you will be first to know!


Sunday, 10 July 2016

That Rara Avis...

Well it's just over a month since the second book in this occult horror trilogy was released, so I thought it might be time to take stock and let you know what the readers think of Tanners Dell so far... To  be honest I am thrilled to bits with some amazing reviews.. in fact some of them are so inspiring and well written I've pinched them for my ads! This is one of those... 'Powerful and Disturbing' - I love that!

'That Rara Avis - a truly terrifying horror novel...'
'Wow...just... wow! This book is a deliciously dark cocktail of everything I want and need in a good horror novel...'
'Not only is this a classic, generic horror story, it is psychologcially disturbing...'
'I loved, loved, loved this book - even better than Father of Lies, which says a lot...'
'Omg I am still reeling from this book - I absolutely enjoyed it... it was so intense I feel I watched it in film form...'
'Loved this , want more now , brilliant plot line with plenty of twisting scares, looking forward to more from this author!'
'One of my top reads of the year by a new favourite author.'

Latest Updates: 1. Tanners Dell is already published in paperback on amazon but will also shortly be available for bookstore orders alongside Father of Lies - I will post when it's ready. If you are interested I now have the capacity to arrange signed copies via our Authors Reach website -  where there is a form to fill in and details of costs, which include postage.

2. Next - news on the third and final book in the trilogy: The aim is for it to be ready in time for Halloween. To say it has taken an unexpected direction would be an understatement, and the characters are certainly being put through the proverbial wringer (as is the writer)! Once I have the cover and some more definite details I will, of course post the news... and if you would like to be the first to hear about it please do sign up for my newsletter, which I'll probably be able to send out by early Autumn. I also have another little surprise up my sleeve, so again - if you're on the list I can let you know.

Finally, thank you to every single person who has re-tweeted, followed, shared, posted, liked and most importantly of all - reviewed my work positiviely. I really do appreciate it more than I can say.


Friday, 17 June 2016

A Darkly Disturbing Occult Horror Trilogy

It's official! My occult horror series is now a trilogy. Father of Lies is book 1, Tanners Dell is book 2 and the 3rd is scheduled for a Halloween release. I thought I would have it clearly marked this way (on Amazon) so as to avoid confusion in the future...some readers had not known which book was first and some had not realised it was evolving into a series...actually, neither had I! The darkly twisted village of Woodsend took on a life of its own and is still developing into something that takes unexpected shape as I work....
And here is a gorgeous new ad courtesy of the very talented designer on our Authors Reach team - Gina Dickerson. Disappearing back into my writer's lair in a minute...see you soon!

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Book 3 coming up!

I'm starting Book 3 on Monday now I've done some seriously terrifying research on your behalf! No, please, don't thank me.... the night terrors were my absolute pleasure! And boy have I got a scary story coming up to follow on from Father of Lies and Tanners Dell... got the title (under wraps ...) - woppy doo - and all being well, I'll have it ready by Halloween....meanwhile there are lots of new reviews for Tanners Dell coming in:
'Powerful and Disturbing'
'A corker of a follow-up'
'Absolutely NOT for those of a nervous disposition..'
'Dear Sarah, please hurry up and write the next book, I am totally ensnared!'
'One of my top reads this year by a favourite new author'

So that's very encouraging indeed and inspires me to spend the next 5-6 months on the dark side in solitary confinement living on toast and coffee... Thank you so very much to everyone who wrote a great review on amazon and or goodreads - it really does help enormously. I can't thank you enough! Now I will once again step into my writer's lair...