Friday, 14 April 2017



Scheduled for release in August 2017, The Soprano is my new supernatural thriller - a stand-alone novel, and quite seperate from the Father of Lies trilogy (occult horror). Here is the new cover and a brief plot summary.  I hope it whets your appetite...

Brief Synopsis: 
January 1951, and the North Staffordshire Moors sees one of the worst snow storms in living memory. Lasting for three weeks, it completely cuts off the isolated and staunchly Methodist village of Packmoor. But while the hardy community bunkers down, trying to keep warm and fend off illness, a family vendetta spanning three generations and rooted in black witchcraft, is about to culminate in one of the most shocking crimes imaginable. 

I am on schedule for a summer release and will bring it to you definitely by August ( possibly by July). The novel has taken unexpected turns as always (it's beyond my comprehension how that happens) and is now far more ghostly and wicked than I had originally intended. I'll have more for you soon...


Meanwhile - if you have not read the Father of Lies trilogy - all three books: Father of Lies, Tanners Dell and Magda - are on a 99p/99c kindle price promotion over the Easter weekend. This is occult horror and not for the faint hearted... There are now over 600 reviews for the books across amazon; oh and I love this particular review from an Australian reader, 'Scared out of my wits! Seriously this series is insanely good & will make you pray for the light' Job done! I'm happy with that...
Finally, in a desperate attempt to hold onto my Queen of Horror crown, I bring you some evil Easter bunnies... Happy Easter everyone!


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

March news!

Quick updates! First - not many people know that all three of the Father of Lies books are bundled together in a box set for kindle! And even fewer know it's on offer for half price this week! That means £2.99 for all three books (normally £5.97) ... ends Sunday 19th March! There are over 550 reviews across amazon now for this occult horror trilogy so I hope the offer might tempt a few readers to try a new author.... and that they enjoy the scary ride!

Next - stunned to find my collection of thrillers, crime fiction and tales with a twist, has reached no.1 and 2 in crime> anthologies... on amazon in the UK! Almost all of these were originally written for magazines, with some of the darker ones going to anthologies; so I packaged them together along with a couple of crime fiction serials and so far readers are enjoying them - with all 5* reviews. Just 99p/99c too. If you'd like to try - here's the link for kindle and paperback -

And finally - the next book! I can now say for sure that the title will be, 'The Soprano' and that it is defiintely another in the occult horror category (!) and that I will have the synopsis and cover ready by next month, with a view to launch in August.
This one is very close to my heart as it is set in an area where all of my family on both sides grew up. The research is personal as I interviewed my 82 year old dad along with trying to make sense of my late grandfather's scrapbook! On top of that there is a wild and very rich history and the intrigue of a true story on the perimiter of my own family - one which was a bit of a shocker. Interwoven, of course, is the horror and darkness you've come to expect from my twisted little mind.. cackles... A tough and near torturous write, I am now making good headway and on schedule for summer.
Oh, and in the middle of all this, came the idea for the book after this one... a weird spin-off from the Father of Lies trilogy complete with the cover and title in my head. That will be later in the year, though. For now... The Soprano is coming and she is more wicked than I ever imagined.... so, so very evil!
Cackling laughter.....

**STOP PRESS... thrilled to have been interviewed for the London Horror Society...

***STOP PRESS... Check out the new 1 minute trailer for the Father of Lies trilogy... courtesy of

More in April! Happy Easter everyone and watch out for evil bunnies.. just saying...


Wednesday, 15 February 2017

OUT TODAY! Plus Extract!

Out today on Kindle: 

Out now on kindle and in paperback... this is a collection of stories and serials I have had published in magazines and anthologies over the years. 20 stories of mystery, crime, the supernatural and  tales with a twist... to dip in and out of at your leisure. 99p and 99c respectively.
I should make clear that with the exception of one story, which formed the basis of the prologue to Father of Lies - these stories are not horror. Some are chilling, and some are spooky - but it was a case of putting the darker tales I had into one place.

An anthology of short thrillers, chillers, mysteries and tales with a twist by Occult Horror Author, Sarah England. Most of the stories in this collection have been previously published, and form the basis of S. E. England's earlier work writing short stories and serials for magazines. While few are in the same terrifying vein as her bestselling, occult horror trilogy, 'Father of Lies,' most have a supernatural or medical theme to them, something which usually creeps into Sarah's stories.
From the female detective with a murder case just a little too close to home, to the angry sales reps dabbling with online retribution, there are plenty of spooky stories here for you to dip in and out of.
Recommend reading by lamplight during the Witching Hour for best effect...

With huge thanks to Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design for the brilliant cover, not to mention the facility to whip back and forth between stories - I will just say I hope you enjoy the reading. I will now get back to the next novel, which I am little bit behind with... title reveal next month...oh, and this one is dark and sinister for sure! Cackles...
And thank you, as always, for all the encouragement, support and inspiring reviews for the trilogy - they really do spur me on!

Sample from The Witching Hour Collection:
'Buried Too Deep': Part 1

1992: High Bank Farmhouse

This Halloween party was getting out of hand. Sixteen year old Megan, who had gone with her school friends, Amy and Hannah, sunk low in her corner of the sofa as the walls of the farmhouse thumped with base music and the ceiling spun like a roulette wheel. Watching Toby flirt with Amy was sickening. She picked up another bottle of cider and poured it down her throat.
            Blonde, giggly Amy - in her tight jeans and off-the-shoulder sweater - had gravitated towards Toby, who was pulling her onto his knee. 
            Megan rose unsteadily and staggered over towards them.
            “What’s up with you?” he said, black eyes glinting dangerously.
            Amy giggled, tightening her arms around Toby’s neck.
            Megan stood swaying. Why had he changed towards her? Undecided on whether to shout at him or run from the room, she looked towards the window: outside, a bank of fog had rolled across the moors, smothering everything with its thick, wet blanket. All she could see was her own ghostly reflection, alongside a couple of withered, glowing pumpkins with their cut-out grins.
            “You can’t go anywhere, Meg,” Toby said. “Besides - I can do what I want - I don’t belong to you.”
            ‘That’s not,’ she wanted to say, ‘what you said to me yesterday, when you made love to me in the barn.’ Why was he doing this to her? Pushing her away like this? It didn’t make sense.
            Tears filled her eyes at the same time as all the cider she’d sunk lurched into her throat. She bolted for the door.
            At the exact moment a pair of gnarled hands suddenly slammed against the window pane, pounding frantically, and a wild-eyed, wizened face appeared from out of the gloom….
            “What the…?”
            The boys ran out into the farmyard - whirling round and round with torches, shouting, ‘Who’s there?” Balls of muggy light shone weakly in the dull, wet fog. 
            Meanwhile, down by the side of the house next to the kitchen, Megan was quietly and wretchedly sick. She stood gasping, wiping away her tears, swallowing acid. Waiting for all the shouting to stop. What a horrible party. A horrible night. She should never have come here.
            Then a door slammed shut.
            Night’s breath rustled the tree tops.
            Then came the dull plod, plod, plod of slow footsteps on the yard. She stiffened. Ears straining. The horses in the stables were shuffling around, kicking their stalls. Something was wrong - that face at the window!
            And then she was running. Tearing blindly down the driveway and out onto the lane, the dead sound of her own heels on concrete, her panting blacking out Toby’s cruel rejection.
            You can’t go anywhere, Meg…
            Oh no? Watch me, she thought… All she had to do was keep running.


Tuesday, 31 January 2017

February 2017 News!

*** Little surprise coming before end of Feb... ***

Hello February! You find me very hard at work....The fourth book is cracking along now but is still very tightly under wraps. However, I hope to have some news on this by next month when I'll peep out of my dark lair for a breather. Meanwhile, here are two fantastic new posters from Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design,  for the Father of Lies trilogy.....

I've also had an amazing thing happen... a reader who loved the audio of Father of Lies has made me a collector's Harris Tweed wristwatch in gothic midnight blue.. just for me... sometimes I am just blown away by readers who write the most incredible reviews and comment on my facebook ads or even send presents like chocolate or chocolate fudge... and now this... I mean, WOW! Talk about spurring me on... Well I will have some more news soon but I have to get back to work because I'm currently deeply engrossed in the story my characters are telling... Oh, just one more thing.. I have to quote this particular review because it put a smile on my face all day... it really is worth reading...

'....England blends it all together with an excellent plot and a big ole mystery for flavor and in the end you get a heaping helping of gumbo. Perfectly seasoned, not too hot or cold and leaving the reader asking for more
Books 2 and 3 here I come. This is the soup and desert..'


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

The Next Horror.....

January 2017

With the Father of Lies trilogy now complete and available in all formats... it is time to begin writing up the next book. The research is done and the characters are itching to tell their story. For now I'm keeping the title and location under wraps - such bad luck to talk about an ongoing work.... BUT....I promise it will be very dark, very sinister and somewhat different to anything I have done before. So - this is simply an update to let you know I am in lockdown now... doors closed, Do-Not-Disturb sign up, phone off the hook... release date intended for summer 2017!
And yes - I am quietly excited because ooh... no... mustn't tell... cackles....


Thursday, 29 December 2016

End of December news...

First of all Happy New Year to every single person who is reading this! I hope 2017 will bring you all you wish for!
I have just a little bit of news to end 2016 on: 1. The third and final audio is now out with tantor audio.
Magda - narrated by Henrietta Meire - is available on their website and on amazon:  

 I have to say that once again the artwork is amazing! Really love this - do you?


Next just to let you know that from 26th December to January 1st, both Tanners Dell and Magda are on kindle countdown at just 99p/99c to download - great time to read the last two if you enjoyed Father of Lies.