Thursday, 29 December 2016

End of December news...

First of all Happy New Year to every single person who is reading this! I hope 2017 will bring you all you wish for!
I have just a little bit of news to end 2016 on: 1. The third and final audio is now out with tantor audio.
Magda - narrated by Henrietta Meire - is available on their website and on amazon:  

 I have to say that once again the artwork is amazing! Really love this - do you?


Next just to let you know that from 26th December to January 1st, both Tanners Dell and Magda are on kindle countdown at just 99p/99c to download - great time to read the last two if you enjoyed Father of Lies.



Thursday, 22 December 2016

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! What a year 2016 has been.... If anyone had told me what I was in for I would not have believed them - but there have been flashes of sublime euphoria in amongst some of the darkest days of my life. And all has ended ok! Well, we all like a happy ending, don't we? Except in horror... cackles... which brings me to the flashes of euphoria. Thing was, I ended up working 14 hour days for much of the year because following Father of Lies, which was released last October (2015) I then saw the necessity of a sequel, and then the burning compulsion for Magda, to bring what became a trilogy to its conclusion. And now that trilogy is done....Ok, look, here's a little story for you...
It all began with a lady who broke my heart. She knows who she is and may even be reading this. That lady inspired Ruby, and if you have read this trilogy then you will know and hopefully care very much about Ruby. As I had spent much of my life in or near the Derbyshire peak district and lived in a haunted mill, I moved the story setting to the gritty north of England... around the mining area of Doncaster to be precise, and near to the hospitals in which I'd worked as both a nurse and a medical rep in psychiatry. The story of Woodsend then began to take on a form all of its own. After researching the dark arts I realised that yes, this does still happen, and it's happening now. I read countless stories about demonology from both priests and survivors, and my interest became seriously piqued. Oh my good God, the horror of it! 
However, during this time it seemed my life became inpossibly difficult and everything was against me in terms of ever being able to write it all down. I almost lost everything. But the story was told. It's done. And now it is up to the readers to decide what they make of it....I will miss my cast of characters because they are so real to me, but Ruby will always be special.
So thank you to every single person who bought, reviewed and messaged to say how much they had enjoyed these books. Frankly, I have been blown away by some of those reviews ... and that is where the euphoria I mentioned earlier, came in. It is those readers and those reviews...that lifted and encouraged me to keep going!

Well Father of Lies made it to No.1 in Occult horror and British Horror on amazon in both the UK and the USA last week! Yes I have the proof - above! So in the one year the books have been out they are reaching lots of new readers... over 420 reviews so far... it is looking hopeful! And the audio of Tanners Dell is now available with Magda out on 3rd January. Here's a preview of the cover for Tanners Dell: now out with tantor media and on amazon. I wish I could show you Magda because that's a really scary cover but it's a week away yet...

Finally - what about book 4? Well it's started. I'm on it. Yes it will be dark and sinister and yes it will be set up north... but the rest is so cloak and dagger even I don't know what is going to happen. Except I am aiming for next summer and it's very different. Different to what I anticipated and different to anything I ever thought it would be. I will keep you posted. If you would like to be on the newsletter then the sign-up is top right of this blog... newsletters will be rare beasts but you will be first to hear about a pre-order and any other events or bits of hot news!
So all that remains to say is I hope you have a great Christmas or Winter Solstice or festive holiday.. and a wonderful 2017!

With warmest wishes.... here are my dark little compliments for the season.. cackles... enjoy...


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Happy December news!

Courtesy of the highly talented Gina Dickerson of RoseWolf Design - these are some of the gorgeous new posters she's done for the 'Father of Lies' trilogy... now available as three seperate kindles, paperbacks or audios; or bundled together in a kindle trilogy. (We are currently working on a box set for the paperbacks and hope to have news on that soon...) Well I hope you like her amazing artwork!  I've also mixed in some of the, frankly, astonishing reviews - from over 400... the trilogy has received on's a shame I can't also quote those on facebook because there are some seriously 'blow your hair back' comments on there I'd love to share... But the main reason for this post is to consolidate the year... The trilogy is now done and I'm going to miss it...
This is my end of year recap on the whole whirlwind journey I've been on... followed by upcoming news.... 

'I've been so engulfed I managed to read this in just 24 hours...and I just want more... '

'Absolutely NOT for anyone of a nervous disposition!' 

'It's rare to find a book that can scare you these days, but this definitely did.'
'The best book I've read so far this year..'

'Enormously frightening...I rarely give 5 stars but this outstanding achievement deserves all of them. Black magic never seemed so real...'

'One of the most disturbing and truly terrifying books I've ever read... Thank you for the nightmares!'

'Darkly disturbing is not strong enough to describe the fear this work can elicit late at night...'

'A deliciously dark cocktail of everything I want and love in a good horror novel..'

'Omg I am still reeling from this book...'

'I read all of the James Herbert's books and since have not found anything that grabs me... until now...'

'I only have a few books that will forever sit on my bookshelf. This will now join them. What a corker of a read - outstanding Ms England!'

'Absolutely brilliant - scared the bejesus out of me...a 5* must read!'


And now for something new.... I've started the next project and it's going to be dark and sinister...of course... but rather different. The aim is to take 6 months or so in the writing, and right now I'm deep in research and note-making. This one is so tightly under wraps even those closest to me don't know what it entails. All I can say is that it's in my head, it's taking shape, and I'm quietly excited about writing it.

I'll post again around Christmas with  some special offers and news on the paperback box-set.. Until then have a brilliant Christmas shopping time (!) and enjoy your reading... Thank you to every single person who has reviewed these books and supported me in what has been one heck of a year! Warmest wishes xxx


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The Father of Lies Trilogy in a Kindle Box-Set

Now available - The Father of Lies Trilogy is out as a box set on Kindle Amazon Select - making it slightly less expensive to buy all three in the series, and also a tad easier to read as follow-ons because there will be the option of flitting between books and chapters...

Hope you enjoy!!! 

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Audio release

Hot on the heels of completing my occult horror trilogy, the first of the books is now out in audio format with 'Father of Lies' is narrated by English actress, Henrietta Meire... who brilliantly evokes the menacing atmosphere, as well as conjuring voices of the devil, Yorkshire coppers, and a girl with multiple personality disorder - to name just a few of her challenges... I honestly cannot wait to hear it!
The MP3 download and CD are also availabe via amazon on and

The next book in the trilogy - 'Tanners Dell' - will be available by 15th December, and the newly released final part - 'Magda' - early in the New Year!

'Magda' already has some very encouraging reviews (amazon), one of which especially touched my heart because it is written by a survivor of satanic abuse, which was the core reason for writing this trilogy. Here are a few of the comments so far...

'Parts of this novel will take you further into the darkness than you've ever been before...'
'The most disturbing novel I have ever read...'
'What an absolute corker of a read. An unforgettable, outstanding read. Wow!'
'Some of the scenes in this book will haunt me forever....'

'Magda' is also now available in paperback - to order from bookstores or from amazon. The differences are only in terms of size and cost - however, Authors Reach are now addressing this issue and intend to have uniformity in the not too distant future. The read, though, is exactly the same.


Well I am kind of sorry to leave the gang...but the trilogy is now written and with the readers....and listeners...
Authors Reach will be packaging it into a box set and I will move on to new projects. One thing I can say for certain is that I loved dipping into times-gone-by - into witchcraft, superstition and folklore... so maybe the next novel will be along those lines... As more reviews and feedback comes in, not to mention special offers, more audios, signing events and the box set, I will, of course, be blogging! I'm guessing we all need a bit of fiction right now, with the real world looking a bit freaky....Happy reading... or should I say...Scary reading?


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Utterly humbled!

I have to share this on my blog because I am utterly humbled and deeply moved by this review for MAGDA - the 3rd in my occult horror trilogy and only just launched. I can't get over it... no more words necessary...

'I only have a few favourite books that will forever sit on my bookshelf.This book will now join them.What an absolute corker of a read ! Wow !! Outstand Ms England !
I honestly feel like some of the characters in this trilogy, have touched my soul in ways that I never thought could happen from reading a book .I never expected to actually CRY during a horror like I did at the end , but it did not feel out of place .I finished the book feeling completely emotionally done in, as well as on edge and terrified. I think mostly ,it's because of the authors skillful writing that you get pulled through the ringer.It makes you care about her characters and I think actually in places, makes the scenes she sets in these books more believable , real and so more scary .I thought FOL and Tanners Dell were scary enough.But oh boy,this one was really scary .
I will miss the gang now there will be no more........but ,I will definitely not forget them..Some of the scenes of these books will haunt me forever .
Also ,as a survivor myself of CSA,I wish to thank the author for handling the subject matter and mental illness so sensitively. I am grateful for the awareness that you have brought to the general reader of our pain.Sincerely, thank you .'


Monday, 31 October 2016

Paperback news on 'Magda'

Just a little update - the paperback versions of 'Magda' - the 3rd book in my occult horror trilogy - are underway. The amazon version will, all being well, be available by Thursday this week - that's November 3rd at the latest. The bookstore option, which is smaller and published by Authors Reach - will be ready by 14th November to order from shops. Again, there is a process to go through that takes time, but it is on schedule and I will post as soon as it's there.

Oh, and I've got the hang of newsletters now  - so if you would like to be mailed once the audios and the new books, publications and events happen - do sign up - top right! They will be rare beasts but  at least you'll be the first to know! Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain! Lovely time of year.. just waiting with some trepidation now for the first reviews to come in.... gulp...